Ivan Reitman and Whit Stillman.


Oscar-nominated writer-director Noah Baumbach is read as the creator of of post and personal films about personal films about characters in crisis. Actress Greta Gerwig has parlayed her flair playing blond oddballs in small indie films into the work with an impressive list of filmmakers like Woody Allen, Ivan Reitman and Whit Stillman. Continue reading “Ivan Reitman and Whit Stillman.”

Fortunately for Damon.

Fortunately for Damon, who was obviously very interested in the project, Warner Bros. Has a first look deal with the actor, a deal between the two should not be too difficult to produce. Apparently the writer had not turned out for this intended be be a big deal, he says, Specs are a good business model to be smaller. But the idea was not to make a deal to make a movie. The script is not high concept, it’s a smallish, very personal, but playful road movie about a father and daughter. Sounds good?

On the eve of Comic-Con, Lionsgate has decided that the official full-length trailer for Rodrigo Cort s debut ‘Buried with Ryan Reynolds? as a contractor buried in a coffin. As the entire film takes place inside the coffin Lionsgate had to be very creative with this trailer because they did not want to show too much of it, as only so much that is in the movie anyway. That is, I think, this is a perfect trailer to tease the audience and a sense of the intensity of Buried that I say will probably end up can be one of my favorite movies of the year. Definitely watch this trailer, it ‘s worth it! ExperienceBuried.com: – in the poster on the poster, Lionsgate has launched the official website. Continue reading “Fortunately for Damon.”

Simon and Carmen first hit the headlines when the pair flirted on Got Talent talent show in Britain.

Despite its derivative nature, I was a fan of both Disturbia and Eagle Eye, so count for me now intrigued.. Simon and Carmen first hit the headlines when the pair flirted on Got Talent talent show in Britain, where the model appeared as a guest judge. Simon Cowell apparently wants to reconcile with his former fianc e and ‘to start a family. ‘The music mogul decided and Mezhgan Hussainy to go on a break earlier this year, – Simon but now reportedly wants to.

However, Simon ostensibly to ostensibly to his family about his plans for the future.Despite discovered on a dinner date with former Playboy model Carmen Electra recently, it is apparent Mezhgan the star wants to settle down and with children. Continue reading “Simon and Carmen first hit the headlines when the pair flirted on Got Talent talent show in Britain.”

But there is no Haverford eye-rolling.

This spring, for example, he sent an Ansari look-alike in his interview spot on Anderson Cooper talk show to be It took a minute before Cooper caught on the prank, the clip has received more than 180,000 hits on YouTube he is planning his next special release of the ‘Buried Alive’tour, in the latest digital fashion as well, although he is not sure, The amount oft will take. He could put it as the first film, he says, then leave it online a few months later.. But there is no Haverford eye-rolling, schmoozy ticks instead clad in a simple striped polo shirt Ansari withdraw surprisingly modest to his favorite neighborhood haunt.

‘Was the joke – writing ability is not there, but I was really comfortable on stage,’he says. ‘I never had any aspirations of decommissioning big ideas , or an actor, it was more like: ‘. Lemme just keep writing good jokes. ‘I started to open mikes I ‘ve never had a long break from stand-up taken, ‘.. The rating system is simple: if the food is worthy as it has on LA Ink Animal and the restaurant receives a plaque with Ansari et al in their hats and authoritative staring into the distance. Continue reading “But there is no Haverford eye-rolling.”

Source code is one of our very favorite up-and-coming British filmmaker Duncan Jones.

Summit Entertainment brings source code to theaters everywhere April 1, shortly before the This summer begins urgent urgent consideration, it is a fascinating sci-fi thriller.!. Sci-fi First Official Trailer for Duncan Jones ‘ ‘ Source Code – Javascript required Flash movie Flash movie, please turn it and refresh this page]A sci-fi story about a soldiers centered wakes up in the body of a person who witnesses a train explosion.source code is one of our very favorite up-and-coming British filmmaker Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, whose debut film was the brilliant sci-fi movie moon addressed.

Now you have to Summit Entertainment Summit Entertainment debuted the official trailer on Apple for the second function moon director Duncan Jones ‘ movie Source! code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan. The film is based on a screenplay by Ben Ripley highly buzzed written, a twisty, time – travel filled, sci-fi – ish plot, where Gyllenhaal wakes up like a guy in a train journey involves based, does not know who he is, people talking who he is, then a few minutes later finds out it’s a bomb the train. The train. And that’s just the half of it. The concept is explained properly in this kick-ass first trailer! Continue reading “Source code is one of our very favorite up-and-coming British filmmaker Duncan Jones.”

Im not really that upset by this.

Nicholas Sparks is one of the hottest writers in Hollywood show, whose books into into tearjerker romances left & right . There is another Sparks adaptation in the works of The Lucky One, his book about a Marine, survives three tours in Iraq and writes his luck to a photograph he carried of a woman he has never met. Obviously this isis lucky charm when he returns home. Slash film just discovered, via Twitter, that the actors Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe in this could be poured. Script script reading The tweets from producer Christine Vachon that Daniel Radcliffe and Lily Rabe were AMAZING together , after saying that came came to pass because Doug McGrath originally attached to steer it sounds like this is the same project.

Well-deservedmeland’ saves the day at Emmy AwardsDespite overwhelming consensus that the dramatic part the 64th would be an would be an intra – AMC face-off between ‘Breaking Bad’and perennial favorite ‘Mad Men’Showtime politically and narrative ambitious ‘Homeland’dominated the competition and won for the drama, actress, actor, and writing. Continue reading “Im not really that upset by this.”

Why oh why Hollywood have a fascination with the 80s?

Brett Ratner as director for Beverly Hills Cop IV and Eddie I’m not funny, Murphy will be back, has also signed up for I have the X-Men franchise Ruined . As much as I did not want because it the news, because it falls in the same direction as the Rocky news, I have it out for us all to. When Eddie Murphy really is planning to turn around and pull a performance that lives up to the original three, I really do not see this as well. The idea of Beverly Hills Cop IV is difficult enough to believe anyway. Because of all the other films from the 80’s from the dead from the dead, is one that trilogy trilogy and did not begin to be so memorable. Maybe I’m not the biggest fan to start from Beverly Hills Cop, but this is one of the few projects that I am definitely not. Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy can actually successfully revive the Beverly Hills Cop franchise?.

‘This is not a confirmation, but it sounds like he’s trying not to recognize what the words ‘believe in the comics ‘, which makes me, he’s just hinting around.. Chris Hemsworth confirmed Marvel ‘The Avengers’ Will Be Massive’I saw a very early draft and it is incredible, ‘Hemsworth said. Look, all about the history of comic books is huge. You have these huge, big superheroes and these huge, big egos kind in a small percent in the comic books[ have gotten] on[ fighting at] a level. Continue reading “Why oh why Hollywood have a fascination with the 80s?”

Role role is to go out and speak on his behalf.

Role role is to go out and speak on his behalf, ‘said Tagg.appearing Wednesday on the Bill LuMaye show, talk radio talk radio program in North Carolina, Tagg Romney in LuMaye bristles, ‘How does it the the President of the United , call your, call your father a liar ‘.

Was this quirky inventor me laugh just of the night, happy released what looked like giant French fries from a series of strange devices synchronized in a sort of in a sort of choreography, controlled chaos. I thought Buss ‘ roguish charm was undeniable (Nick Cannon seemed to enjoy, but the judge denied. I mean, maybe called Buss ‘ act a colossal waste of time and boring. The only thing you have managed to do it for a mess of my stage, he said chided amused. I mean, maybe the man was not Kinetic King, but he was not too bad.. ? going I think he has to let people know a great job in that not only does he speak the discussion, but it can pave the way said Tagg, adding that his father Butterflies . Continue reading “Role role is to go out and speak on his behalf.”

In just a few years.

In just a few years, Tom Hardy has risen to the A – list and become one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. The star of the warrior and the anticipated sequel The Dark Knight Rises has just got a first-look deal with Warner Bros. And signed a new production company called Executive Options, and now he is obliged to. Its first project by the newfound banner Variety says Hardy will star in and produce an untitled biker movie that follows a wounded Vietnam veteran who returns to San Francisco, in 1969 and unrest comes leading in California violent outlaw biker club. More below! Ha! If we had a category for Awesome, that’s where I would have submit. Last week we were one of the first to a Fa.

Smith wrote the script, based on an idea by John Linsom based produce besides Hardy. There is no start date yet, but it is certainly among the brass at Warner Bros. The Weinstein Company has already been pushed back John Hillcoat is use to county the wettest on Hardy fame from the franchise hype so far, so it is not unusual tactics. The last biker movie that I can remember in 2008 was presented to Hell Ride, by Quentin Tarantino and starring Dennis Hopper , Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen , so Hardy in good company when it portrays by bad – asses some hardcore bikers on the big screen. Are you excited?. Years, Hardy Ready to Ride Biker Outlaw movie in Warner Bros. Continue reading “In just a few years.”

Formed to recruit and train potential superhuman effect.

This should be considered only as a rumor now, but with Comic-Con next month will get this kind of news out of the closet a bit is not too early as surprising. I would expect some sort of announcement about this property when we are in San Diego next month, listen for the big convention.. Big Hero 6 is a state-sanctioned team of super – heroes in the sale of the Japanese government has announced to a top-secret consortium of politicians and business enterprises as are Giri, formed to recruit and train potential superhuman effect.

Wide buy only good singers, the guys have also proven adept songwriters, in in meetings with songwriter and producer David Sneddon (Lana Del Ray, who co-wrote two songs for the upcoming debut album – ‘ One Thousand Colours and Walls , which proves that they can do the same in both classic and contemporary dimensions. Continue reading “Formed to recruit and train potential superhuman effect.”