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Blade System Costs

  • Hardware costs are minor cost item to the total system costs
    • hardware items: cpu, disk, memory, power supply, fans
    • Name Brand's "Blade System" cost comparison should be a good metric

  • Name Brand's Blade System Costs
    • Name Brand's Recognition
    • Name Brand's Track Record
    • Name Brand's Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Press, Attorneys
    • Name Brand's Software Integration and Tested plaforms
    • Name Brand's Pre-Sales and Post-Sales support contracts
    • Name Brand's meetings, conference calls and consultations
    • Name Brand's "knowledgeable" support staff

    • It is important to note that the PEOPLE work at NameBrand Inc
      whereas, we custom build per customer specs

  • Example Expensive [ large ] Systems - Example Inexpensive Blade System

$ 2500 4U Blade Chassis
- w/ 5x blades for each Mini-ITX Motherboards
- w/ power cables from 2 atx power supply ( only +12v is used )
- w/ 9 cooling fans

  • Customers add their choice of mb, cpu, mem, disk
    $ 1750 10x Mini-ITX motherboard
    $ 3000 10x P4-3G
    $ 1200 10x 512MB
    $ 600 10x 40GB 7200rpm disks

      3TB / BladeChassis -- $ 3,000 for 10x 300GB disks
      12TB / BladeChassis -- $12,000 for 40x 300GB disks
    ------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    $ 9050 Off-the-Shelf-Parts 10x P4-3G w/ 10x 40GB blades

      $ 12,000 Off-the-Shelf-Parts 10x P4-3G w/ 10x 300GB blades
      $ 21,000 Off-the-Shelf-Parts 10x P4-3G w/ 40x 300GB blades

    $ 1500 Blade Assembly time
    $ 1500 Linux Install, SimpleTesting, Ordering/Receiving/Inventory

      does NOT include raid testing
    $ ??? Packing, Shipping, Handling Options

    $ ???
  • Cluster software, install, config, testing over weeks of time
  • Most customers tend to re-install and re-configure for your cluster environment
    $ ??? Packing, Shipping, Handling

    $ 12,050 GRAND TOTAL 1-disk Blade System
    ======= ======================================

    Custom Blade Systems
    • Off-The-Shelf-Parts Only
      • Least expensive
        • costs of the blade chassis, blades
        • costs of the rack, power supply, cooling fans
        • costs of the motherboard, cpu, memory, disk
      • You install the software and config your "cluster"

    • PreConfigured Blades
      • Prices range from $x,000 to $xx,000,000
      • Prices range based on application it runs and its vendors Pre-Configured Blade Systems
      Blade Configuration
    Capacity PartsCosts Assembled
    1.2TB $1.5K $15K

    12TB $25K $250K

      Each 42U Rack:
      hold 10 4U Blade chassis
      100 independent nodes
    120TB $250K $2,500K

    • At these size of storage, List Pricing Includes
      • Factors affecting Costs

      • PreSales Consulting w/ non-refundable deposits
        • Define/Receive Client System Specifications and Performance criteria
        • OnSite Existing Network and Server Survey
        • OnSite Air conditioning and Power systems
        • System Security audit
        • Hot swap demo
        • 10TB of Backup Storage and Restore demo
        • Demo System Testing

      • After non-refundable, non-negotiable purchase orders w/ credit approval
        • OnSite System Install
        • Fully loaded system
        • 2 functional Spare blades
        • Includes a 3 yr System Admin and Maintenance Contract

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